Scholar Plastics Fire-X GLASBORD interior wall and ceiling panels are not just FM tested, they’re FM approved.


Scholar Plastics are pleased to announce that they have the perfect FRP panel for your projects that require the highest levels of hygienic and sterile environments. Canada’s leading supplier of Fire-W GLASBORD FM® offer the perfect solution for Clean Rooms, Food Processing Plants and Pharmaceutical facilities.

These panels are available in durable and sanitary Smooth and traditional Pebble Embossed finishes, in 85 White. GLASBORD FM® boasts a significant list of features: resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, high impact strength, high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, sanitary finish, low maintenance, and easy installation.

The FM Approval reassures you that our product conforms to the highest standards, backed by scientific research and rigorous testing. Scholar Plastics Fire-X GLASBORD FM® is the only fiberglass reinforced interior wall panel that is accepted under Factory Mutual Research Approved FRP, Class 1 Interior Finish Material in accordance with Factory Mutual Research Approval Standard 4880.

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Scholar Plastics congratulates Crane Composites on their recent GREENGUARD® Certifications

Scholar Plastics join GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s Henning Bloech, GEI’s Executive Director in his accolades for Crane Composite’s achievements. “GREENGUARD Certified products help create healthier indoor environments. We applaud Crane Composites for demonstrating their commitment to health and sustainability by obtaining the certification.”

GREENGUARD® sets rigorous standards for their applicants’ manufacturing review, product evaluations and testing. High level emissions standards and verification requirements must be completed and achieved before certification can be awarded. After initial certification, there is prescribed on-going testing, documentation, and verification processes required for demonstration of consistent product performance.

Once achieved the certification is broadly recognized by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)Building Rating System, The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Best Practices, National Association of Home Builders’ National Green Building Standard and many other entities including the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Crane Composites manufacture a complete line of fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panel products that meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors and they can prove it with their GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality Certification.

Furthermore, Crane Composite products intended for use in schools, daycares or other environments where children spend significant periods of time, has earned the GREENGUARD® Children & Schools Certification. This certification demands stricter criteria because they are suitable for use in environments where children and others work, play or reside.

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ArmorTuf® and Kemlite® Interior Sidewall Liners and Translucent Roof Panels pass Real-World test requirements

Scholar Plastics brighten up the transportation trucking industry with industry leader Crane Composites ArmorTuf® and Kemlite® Interior Sidewall Liners and Translucent Roof Panels. Let’s shed some light on some facts:

The Kemlite® 1% Light Transmission ETR Roof Panels beats the heat and keeps its cargo up to 26 degrees F cooler than an aluminum roof.*

Since 2002, ArmorTuf® has been the standard in North America for high performance Trailer and Truck Body liners.**

ArmorTuf®-NXT has double the impact resistance of a standard Trailer and Truck Body liner.**

ArmorTuf®-NXT is lighter than a standard Trailer and Truck Body liner.**

ArmorTuf-NXT’s surface is more stain resistant and easier to clean than thermoplastic panels. **

Crane Composites was the first to introduce FRP liners to the truck trail market, the first to introduce full seamless light-weight liners, first to introduce translucent roofs and first to introduce liners with integral scuff. ***

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* Crane Composites, Inc. Form 65141 | Rev. 1 | 12.10 | (5520)
** Crane Composites, Inc. Form 65161S | 9.11 | (5855)

Scholar Plastics’ Glasbord Wall and Ceiling Panels beats PVC products time and again.

Food Processing FacilityExclusive to Scholar Plastics in Canada, Glasbord® Wall and Ceiling Panels make a better investment than any PVC products on the market. Glasbord® is manufactured with Surfaseal® finish to create a tough, moisture resistant surface that is easy to install and easy to clean.

Preferred by discerning construction experts, Glasbord® fights scratches, abrasions, staining and damage caused by harsh chemicals. In head-to-head independent testing, Glasbord® proves to be up to 10 times easier to clean that other FRP panels, and up to 6 times more stain resistant.

Glasbord® is mold and mildew free and has a sanitary finish so the uses and applications are endless. Install Glasbord® where ease of cleaning and sanitation is part of business reality such as food processing plants, commercial kitchens and laboratories; and high levels of abuse are expected such as locker rooms, restrooms and kennels.

Scholar Plastics provide start-to-finish products and services for FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels from specification to installation. They offer all panel accessories in color coordinated moldings and rivets to complete the finished look. Standard Glasbord® Moldings are designed with patented expansion control guides to give you tight, accurate seam fittings. The non-staining Glasbord® Nylon Drive Rivets are designed to be easily installed with only a hammer and drill.

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Scranton Products Introduces New Hardware with Two New Designer Looks That Add Strength and Longevity

Scranton Products has unveiled two new hardware collections for the Hiny Hiders® brand of partitions, joining its current standard hardware. These collections are highlighted by architectural elements that add visual interest while allowing the rich colors and textures of Scranton Products partitions to come through. They also have the same value-added strength and support as Scranton Products current lines of hardware featuring Stirrup brackets (8-inch wrap around) or Continuous Brackets.

Stealth Hardware Collection – with a modern, minimalist design approach, this hardware line has stylish but subtle looks along with superior strength, support and durability. It’s the perfect hardware match for a space looking to achieve a clean, contemporary design aesthetic. The Stealth Collection is available in Frost, which is a light silvery gray color. It includes a Stealth Integral Hinge, which is integrated within the door and top of the partition and a Slider Latch for easier closure.

Regal Hardware Collection – bold and modern design elements make this hardware line a standout, in three beautiful colors: Smoke (a dark gray), Ember (copper) and Frost. Regal hardware adds a uniquely upscale finish to the bathroom stall, with strength and longevity. It is comprised of the Regal Hinge and Slider Latch.

” Scranton Products’ new hardware collections are as beautiful as they are strong and functional,” said Don Wharton, President of Scranton Products. “We are very proud to offer more hardware options to the design community as the perfect complements to our quality HDPE partitions. We feel they will enhance any bathroom partition job.”

The Stealth and Regal Hardware Collections nicely complement Scranton Products’ latest Metallic and Designer colors in various textures to add to their visual appeal. These colors and textures feature the toughness of HDPE, with the brilliance of metal or natural look of wood .

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