3 Rules for Food Processing Facilities: Clean, Clean, Clean

Food Processing FacilityThe three most important overall elements of any food processing and handling facility is that it should be cleanable, and so designed and constructed that it prevents entrance or harborage of pests, growth of bacteria or other sources of contamination.

Food processing facilities should have floors, walls, and ceilings constructed of suitable, approved materials which are durable, smooth, impervious and easily cleaned. Walls should be light colored and well-joined, and floors should be adequately sloped for drainage to trapped outlets. Openings to outside and/or non-food-processing or  -handling rooms or facilities must be sealed. Doors must be tight and close-fitting. And doors in food-processing areas self-closing.

Scholar Plastics has you covered!

With Kemlite Glasbord FRP wall panels and SaniGrid FRP ceiling systems, Scholar Plastics provides the needed building products to assist you in keeping it clean.

Kemlite FRP and SaniGrid FRP ceiling systems are Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) accepted and your best choice for ensuring a cleanable environment for your food processing environment.

Scholar Plastics stocks both Class ‘C’ and Class ‘A’ fire rated FRP panels for walls and ceilings. We also have all the accessories to complete the job, including PVC moldings, adhesives and sealants.

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