FRP Wall Assemblies Support Integrity of Fire Ratings

Fire ratings provide an important guide to ensuring safety and code compliance for wall solution in buildings. Cultivation and processing facilities often perform unique extraction techniques involving flammable chemicals like ethanol, propane and butane that should be done in a controlled environment. Fire rated walls are commonly required in these processing areas to ensure adequate fire protection for building occupants and workers.


Even though gypsum has been proven to prolong the burn time of a wall system, gypsum substrates are often excluded from PVC installations in order to achieve cost savings. This can be a major sacrifice for applications that could benefit from and/or require fire rated wall assemblies. PVC alone installed directly to the stud cavity may not qualify as a rated wall system, despite the plank itself achieving a Class A rating with ASTM E84. That test merely assesses the individual plank component, not the entire wall system.

Glasbord Hygienic FRP Wall Solution is available in both Class C and Class A cladding options and isdesigned to install directly over gypsum substrates. This ensures that both the structural wall assembly and face covering materials are validated UL components of the overall fire rated wall assembly, should it be required by code.

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