GLASBORD Hygienic Walls

Provides Superior Bulk Water Resistance

Cultivators often associate bulk water management with exterior rain screen assemblies or hydroponic systems. However, they should also consider how cultivation facilities manage the performance and water resistance of inner walls as well. Cleaning procedures, wash downs and the overall warm/humid climate present a challenge to interior wall design, requiring owners to properly mitigate water throughout cultivation and post-harvest processing rooms.  


ASTM E331 is the official test method for “Water Penetration of Wall Assemblies by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference”. This test determines the water penetration resistance using a calibrated spray apparatus and applying uniform static pressure to opposite sides of the test specimen.

Crane Composites passed the ASTM E331 standard using both embossed & smooth FRP + seam sealant + Sani-Base™ stainless steel accessories – with zero leaks observed. To the best of our knowledge, no other interior wall cladding system has tested and passed the E331 standard.

PVC plank panels consist of mainly white, fluted, vinyl sheets, that interlock with a tongue and groove connection at each edge. This provides protection from moisture across the surface of each panel.  However, the seams are susceptible to moisture transmission.