Commercial Restroom Trends


Photo courtesy of U.S. News & World Report

What is the latest styles in commercial restrooms?  Upscale restrooms that contain high-end materials, commercial bathrooms that feel more like home, and design influences that match the environment around them are three trends you can expect.
Added sophistication – The words luxurious and sophisticated are rarely associated with public restrooms, until now. High end materials such as granite and stainless steel are making their way from the kitchen into the bathroom. This trend is not limited to residential applications. Hotels and other high end facilities are looking for ways to add that same level of sophistication to their public bathrooms. Materials like granite and stainless steel, or surfaces that look like granite and stainless, provide that luxurious feel they are looking for. Check out our designer, mosaic and metallic color series combined with our contour or rotary brushed textures and REGAL™ hinge to add some luxury and sophistication to your next bathroom project.


There’s no place like home – There is no place like your own private bathroom when it comes to “nature calling.” But, let’s face it, when you have to go, you have to go, even when you are far from home. A recent trend is creating a spa-like bathroom at home complete with a garden tub, massaging shower and soft lighting. Similar elements can make commercial restrooms feel more like home. In addition to using high-end materials, designers are replacing bright, fluorescent light fixtures with softer incandescent down lighting to create that spa-like atmosphere. They are also incorporating privacy features such as taller doors and privacy hinges. Try our zero sight continuous brackets, hinges and strikes to add privacy to your next restroom project.


Common theme all around – Designers are taking elements from the building’s interior design or the surrounding environment and carrying it into the restroom. This goes beyond the simple themed bathroom that pays homage to an era, famous person or pop culture icon. Examples include the public restroom in Bryant Park, New York that mimics the design of the nearby New York Public Library, the restrooms at Santa Monica Pier, California (pictured) that feature an undulating roof evoking thoughts of a vintage wooden roller coaster or the nearby ocean waves, or the bathroom at The Muse Hotel, New York that allows visitors to choose if they are feeling envious, passionate, glamorous, rebellious, macho or vain. What they all have in common is a uniqueness that is personal. To add uniqueness to your next project, ask for our custom embossing – perfect for a school mascot, company logo, or any other personalized detail.