FRP Panels are Acceptable for Use in ISO Classes 5-8 Cleanroom Applications

Cleanroom ProductThanks to the exclusive Surfaseal finish, Glasbord is the perfect solution for applications requiring cleanability, low particle emission, biological resistance and chemical resistance.

Glasbord is the industry leading fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panel. The homogeneously applied Surfaseal finish means that the surface is sealed and will
not trap soil or bacteria.

The system features Crane Composites’ Glasbord panel. The Glasbord panels are available with a Class A or Class C fire rating per ASTM E-84 with a smooth or embossed finish. The Glasbord FSFM panel has been tested and certified by independent third parties. The cleanroom certified FRP wall panels are completed with the use of biological and chemically tested adhesive and seam sealant for wall panel applications and trim-free seams.


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