Scholar Plastics Fire-X GLASBORD interior wall and ceiling panels are not just FM tested, they’re FM approved.


Scholar Plastics are pleased to announce that they have the perfect FRP panel for your projects that require the highest levels of hygienic and sterile environments. Canada’s leading supplier of Fire-W GLASBORD FM® offer the perfect solution for Clean Rooms, Food Processing Plants and Pharmaceutical facilities.

These panels are available in durable and sanitary Smooth and traditional Pebble Embossed finishes, in 85 White. GLASBORD FM® boasts a significant list of features: resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, high impact strength, high moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, sanitary finish, low maintenance, and easy installation.

The FM Approval reassures you that our product conforms to the highest standards, backed by scientific research and rigorous testing. Scholar Plastics Fire-X GLASBORD FM® is the only fiberglass reinforced interior wall panel that is accepted under Factory Mutual Research Approved FRP, Class 1 Interior Finish Material in accordance with Factory Mutual Research Approval Standard 4880.

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