resistall_partitionsResistall Partitions are made of HPDE plastic and are the perfect replacement for metal in tough environments like bars, clubs, diners, cafés and more. Resistall partitions are as tough as they are affordable and easy to install. Unlike metal, phenolic, stainless steel and other materials, they are highly resistant to dents, rust, scratches, odor, corrosion, impact and mildew.

For the establishment’s owner or property manager, Resistall saves on costly maintenance, with no need for painting or frequent repair and replacement.

Scranton Products, the nation’s leading manufacturer of plastic partitions for more than 25 years, designed Resistall to be impermeable to moisture, which can be a bathroom partition’s worst enemy, creating rust, mildew and a breeding ground for bacteria.

“In commercial applications where bathroom stalls take abuse, Resistall is the best value,” said Matt Keisling,Director of Sales, Scranton Products. “It stands up to attempted vandalism and rough handling with durable good looks,” he added. “Withstanding the test of time, Resistall can handle whatever patrons dish out.”

Made in the USA, Resistall partitions have gone head to head with metal in the most punishing lab tests-withstanding impacts of up to 500 lbs. from sledge hammers and scratches from razor knives. Resistall came through unmarred, whereas competitive materials suffered damage. And, Resistall’s unmatched 5-year warranty covers breakage, corrosion and delamination under normal conditions. The Resistall color selection includes Black, Grey, Beige and Linen.

Like all products produced by Scranton Products, Resistall is part of the company’s recycling program, which is committed to reducing industrial waste. All scrap and cut pieces are reclaimed and go back into the production of new HDPE sheets and contribute to LEED points.