Case Study: SIKA Polyurethane Screed and Coating Systems

  • SIKA Polyurethane Market segment: Food Industry
  • Sub-segment: Prepared Foods
  • Project: Les Aliments DANG NGOC Inc., Laval, Québec.
  • Products: Sikafloor® 20 PurCemCA, Sikafloor® 29 PurCemCA and Sikafloor® 31 PurCemCA.

Existing situation: Water infiltration through cracks in the existing floor protection system caused the surface to breakdown prematurely in a blast freezer.

Challenge: Install a durable industrial floor that meets Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements, while providing resistance to thermal shock, mechanical damage and chemical attack.

Solution: Sikafloor® 20 PurCemCA polyurethane resin floor screed. Sikafloor® 31 PurCemCA polyurethane flooring coating overSikafloor® 20 PurCemCA and Sikafloor 29® PurCemCA for a smoother finish.

Hard as a rock. . . and shockproof

Flooring installed in a blast freezer of a food manufacturing plant quickly deteriorated and needed to be replaced one year after installation. The original protection system did not withstand sudden changes in temperature caused by hot water washings. Cracks appeared around the floor drains allowing water infiltration under the coating causing the surface to flake and breakdown.

A new flooring system that met Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements was needed. Other requirements included : resistance to thermal shock caused by sudden drops in temperature (from 20°C to -35°C within 30 to 60 minutes); high compressive strength to support the weight of two conveyors used to move food products; resistance to pressure washing at approximately 43°C (110°F) using a chlorinated alkaline detergent (Blizzard).

The first step was to completely remove the existing failing floor coating. The exposed concrete was then decontaminated and prepared for the application of a new protection system. Workmen installed a 9 mm thick screed of Sikafloor® 20 PurcemCA polyurethane resin flooring and a seamless sanitary cove base 400 mm in height made from Sikafloor® 29 PurCemCA. The final layer consisted of a topcoat of Sikafloor® 31 PurCemCA, a polyurethane solvent-free coating spread over the entire floor area for a smoother finish. Moving joints in the floor were sealed using Sikaflex® Primer 205 and Sikaflex®2c NS EZ Mix polyurethane based elastomeric sealant.

The Sika solution not only provided a surface which meets Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations, but one that is also resistant to thermal shock, high abrasion, impact and chemical attack.

Freeze flooring case study.

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